What is NCREPT?

NCREPT - National Center for Reliable Electric Power Transmission. Established in 2005, NCREPT is a center established for the purpose of investigating solid-state solutions for high voltage applications such as the electric power grid including both protection devices as well as energy storage applications.

What is the Center's Mission?

The primary mission of the project are in Design, Packaging, and Test of Advanced Power Electronics. Specifically, the center aims:

  • To research and develop prototypes of advanced power electronics systems for applications in the power grid including both solid-state protection devices and energy storage
  • To develop advanced packaging solutions for high current, high voltage power semiconductor devices and applications
  • To establish a state-of-the-art test facility for advanced power electronic circuit and package designs for distribution-level voltages (15 kV-class) and high currents (3000 A at 480 V AC 3-phase)
  • To provide much needed human resource in the form of educated students for the newly emerging technologies of the power utility and power electronics sectors.  

What are NCREPT Core Research Areas?

The center is involved in four areas of research that impact the realization of power electronics solutions:

  • Power Electronic Design and Modeling
  • Control Algorithms for Power Electronics
  • Power Electronics Packaging
  • Power Electronics Test
  • Mixed-Signal Integrated Circuit Design

I'd Like to Do Some Testing. Who Should I Contact?

For information about testing opportunities and capabilities, please contact the NCREPT Interim Managing Director, Chris Farnell.